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We are a front-line, hands-on Christian ministry designed to share Christ's message of faith, hope, and love to the inner city.

We serve six days a week inside this community and strive to provide a consistent presence where the love of Christ can be discovered.

We must always remember that we serve individual people, all with unique obstacles, challenges, talents and dreams. We will help nurture and develop each person to discover their walk with Christ.


The Light of the Village Ministry is located inside one of the most impoverished and violent neighborhoods in the southeastern United States. Our community is plagued with poverty, gangs and violence, however, in Christ there is hope!

In 2001, a "crack house" was transformed by Christ into a place of Christian faith, hope, and love. We are a front-line, hands-on ministry that serves inside this community six days a week offering a variety of programs. This consistent outreach is where genuine relationships are built, and Christ can be shared one person at a time.

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