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The Cross 'n' the Hood is a ministry that works with teenagers and young adults in an attempt to enable the individual to "cross" through their community and discover better options. We recognize that not all that line in these neighborhoods are involved in criminal activity, BUT we also recognize that those that are need the encouragement to exit that temptation.


In addition to our TeenLeader programs such as: summer jobs through our TeenLeader Ministry, entrepreneur introduction through our Lights of Love Candle Factory, specific Bible study and discussion through our Teen Nights. We make special accommodation for those that may be involved in the judicial system. 


For those that are either recently adjudicated incarcerated and/or involved in criminal activity, we specifically offer programs to help those that wish to "exit" this path.  We provide one-on-one counseling to assist in helping individuals find jobs, build their resume, apply for school funding, apply to Job Corps, etc.  


The Cross of Christ is in their midst, no matter the neighborhood.

If you're interested in donating to the Cross 'n the Hood mentorship program, please click the link below!

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