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Our Summer Bible Camps are six weeks of Bible study, games, music, sports, skits, crafts, water, and especially, new faces. Each summer, we have the opportunity to share Christ with over 400 children from high-crime, low-income communities while providing them with a safe, positive environment in which to spend their time away from school, all at no cost to the individual.  

While we are continually strengthening our existing sites, we are also replicating the existing model of our Summer Bible Camp to serve other high-crime, low-income areas. We are currently operating in 3 locations: Alabama Village, Maysville, and Toulminville. 


Summer Employment:

Summer Bible Camp gives us the opportunity to employ and mentor more than 30 teenagers each summer as TeenLeaders who work alongside our college interns planning activities and mentoring campers. TeenLeaders earn a stipend and are involved in training and social functions apart from Summer Bible Camp activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community amongst our staff.

Additionally, we hire around 18 college-aged interns. All interns undergo a week of training with and are supervised by our staff. Interns do also receive a stipend, and housing can be arranged if it is needed. We hire in the spring but accept applications year-round. Applications are available online now at the link below!


Please email Morgan at if you have any questions! 

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