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The Third Ward is what they call it, but my hood is Prichard, Alabama. The Third is best known as Death Valley because death and shooting is the only thing you see out here.

When I was growing up as a kid it wasn't any fun. You hardly could go outside without getting robbed. It was nothing to play with cause people would steal and even kill folks.

My brother got killed out here in the hood trying to make money the ungodly way. I didn't understand back then cause I was just four when he died. But now I see the hood ain't nothing to play with cause some people will die in this hood.

The hood did not make me and it surely won't break me neither. I was born and raised in this hood, but I ain't going to die here. It will destroy you if you let it. But me I'm a fighter and I am not giving up because I believe in Christ.

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